Fun in the Sun Contest: Week 1 Results & Look Ahead

Fun in the Sun, Xpressbet’s exciting and profitable weekly summer handicapping tournament, is underway and five talented players already have qualified for the $10,000-added Final Table on Saturday, Sept. 4.

Topping Saturday’s play is longtime Xpressbet tournament player Ellis Starr with an impressive $392 in earnings. In addition to a seat at the Final Table, Starr adds $2,898 in first-place prize money to his account. Two additional familiar Xpressbet tourney participants Gordon Maruya and Craig Kaufman check in second and third with $317 and $233 mutuel totals, respectively. They bag an additional $1,207.50 and $724.50 in prize money to round out weekly top three finishers. At a mere $1.50 and $2 behind Kaufman, Paul Lutz and Steven Jones complete top five finishers and gain Final Table seats with $231.50 and $231 in earnings.

Fun in the Sun is a weekly Saturday online handicapping competition open to Xpressbet account holders. A $25 weekly registration fee is required to play, and all fees are returned to players in the form of prizes. Each week, the top five players based on earnings from live $10 Win wagers in the last 5 races at Saratoga and the first 5 races from Del Mar earn seats at the $10,000-added Final Table on Saturday, Sept. 4. Weekly cash prizes are available to the top 3 finishers.

Saturday’s opening week competition races included four events where winners returned less than $5 for $2. Three of those bunt singles came at Saratoga: Beau Liam $4 in the 8th, Wit $4.20 in the 9th and Ducale $3.80 in the 11th. One finished first at Del Mar: Smash Ticket $4 in the 5th. An additional two competition race winners paid less than double digits: Althiqa $9.90 in the Spa’s 10th and Win Happy $7 in Del Mar’s 2nd. Gear Jockey began the Fun in the Sun afternoon with a $10.60 payoff in the Spa’s 7th and By Moonlight $35.60 rocked Del Mar’s 1st at $35.60. Bye Bye Bertie at $17.20 provided additional spice in the 4th Where the Turf Meets the Surf.

Your next chance to join players at the $10,000-added Fun in the Sun Final Table is Saturday when competition resumes with races from Saratoga and Del Mar. It’s a great way to add spice to your weekend horseplay and to take advantage of some great value. Since there’s no tournament takeout and Xpressbet even adds a whopping $10,000 to the Final Table pot, you can’t go wrong by playing Fun in the Sun. Plus, since competition wagers are ‘live,’ you could come out ahead even if you aren’t quite hot enough win a cash prize!

See you Saturday!

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